Wild On the Fly 
Custom Built Fly Rods

To build a custom fly rod takes approximately 20 hours, over several days.  

Each fly rod that we build is made to order.

Our turn around time is approximately 10 days from date of order.

We build functional fly rods for avid anglers at discounted prices. 

Our mission is to build elite fly rods using modern engineering and old world artisan techniques.

Each custom fly rod that we build has:

  • Upgraded Components, 
  • Unique Guides,
  • Reinforced Fighting Butt,
  • Artistic Reel Seats,
  • Personalized Message or Name, 
  • Various Thread Colors and / or Fly Rod Blank Colors,
  • Sleeve and a Fly.

Here are some photos of fly rods during their building and testing stages. 

What is better than a love of fishing? A fishing rod that expresses that love, of course!

A custom built Sage VXP Fly Rod built for Fall Chinook Salmon and Trout.

This fly rod is being custom built for a youth angler.  Adding the fighting butt at the end of the rod provides reinforced support for beginning and younger anglers.

A customized Sage One Series Fly Rod.  This black fly rod is accented with silver threading interlaced.  The Sage One Fly Rod here has snake guides.

Before we recommend a fly rod to an angler we put it to the test in real life scenarios on less than ideal days.  We select blanks that have limited warranties and we feel confident in their abilities.

Guides allow the line to pass along the fly rod.  Guides come in various shapes designed for a variety of performance. This is a single foot guide.

To capture the true beauty of the fly rod, Heidi Wild applies the epoxy coating to each fly rod by hand.  This process is meticullosly done with a small sized paint brush and a flame to keep the epoxy flexible until perfection is achieved.

The red is the thread color choice this particular customer selected, each strand of thread is hand placed by Heidi Wild.

Corporations order our custom fly rods from our studio in bulk for their associates during business retreats or as corporate gifts.  Company names or messages can be placed on each fly rod.

Each fly rod we recommend has been tested by anglers fishing in extreme conditions.  Above, this St. Croix fly rod had to pull its weight during opening King weekend in Ninilchik, Alaska when temperatures were still frigid.

This wooden reel seat gives this state of the art fly rod an added classy touch. Reel seats come in a variety of colors and themes.

Looking to buy the best fly rod by species of fish?

Tell us what you like to fish for and we will tell you which fly rod is best for all types of slamon, trout, northern pike and other species.

As always, our fly rods are customized with hi-tech components, upgrades to the handles and personalized name or messages on each fly rod.

Before Getting Started, take the time to read about rod building.  We've addressed some topics that anyone interested in building their own fly rod should know first:

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Personalized Fishing Poles and Rods Include Angler Selection of Components, Colors and Name Printed on The Fishing Rod.